Conference "What’s New? What’s Next? Innovative Methods, New Sources and Paradigm Shifts in Jewish Studies"

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We invite you to listen to our new GEOP podcast series "What’s New? What’s Next? Jewish Studies in the time of pandemic".

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we have rescheduled our international conference on the future of Jewish studies by a year to October 2021. During the intervening months, we are inviting colleagues to explore the conference themes in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The podcast series will explore the conference themes – methodology, paradigm shifts, new sources, and new approaches to old sources – in relation to the current and earlier epidemics, Jewish responses to them, and how they have been studied from historical and contemporary perspectives. The focus of this series offers a multidisciplinary and transhistorical case study for exploring the conference themes. As a lead-up to the conference, the podcasts will demonstrate the kinds of presentations we would like to encourage.

This series is one of the ways that POLIN Museum is responding to the unique situation that all of us are facing.

Each panel will consist of a two lectures: a general lecture and the source lecture.

Prof. Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett – New Sources: Collecting the Pandemic.
Epidemics in the Bible and Talmud
Prof. Maciej Münnich - Epidemics in the Bible
Prof. Jeremy Brown - Pandemics in the Talmud.
Epidemics in Jewish folk medicine
Dr Marek Tuszewicki - Epidemics in Jewish folklore and folk medicine: The role of magic
Prof. François Guesnet - Negotiating Jewish communal and state responses to cholera in 19th century Poland
History of Jewish responses to epidemics in the modern period
Prof. Shaul Stampfer – Jewish responses to epidemics in the modern period
Dr. Natan Meir – Jewish responses to epidemics in the modern period
Epidemics in Yiddish literature
Prof. Jeffrey Shandler - The “black wedding” in Joseph Opatoshu’s short story
Epidemics in the Warsaw Ghetto
Prof. Samuel D. Kassow – Epidemics in the Warsaw Ghetto
Dr. Katarzyna Person – Epidemics in the Oyneg Shabes Archive
The future of digital research and Jewish studies in light of these uncertain times
Prof. Marcin Wodziński - Jewish studies after the epidemic
Prof. Havi Dreyfus.
The series will conclude with podcasts devoted to what’s next? How will Jewish studies change? Will we turn to new methods? Are we facing a paradigm shift? We will post the podcasts periodically on POLIN Museum’s website, Spotify and Spreaker. Don’t miss an update. Subscribe to our newsletter!

"What’s New, What’s Next? Innovative Methods, New Sources, and Paradigm Shifts in Jewish Studies", an international conference, will take place at POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw, in October 2021.
What’s New? What’s Next?
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